Tuesday, April 2, 2013

NaPoWriMo Poem 2

creative combinations

skin reflects
natural goodness
     make a fist

found in nature
internal impurities
entice the senses
     knee over toes

we think before we blend
inspire yourself
     parallel to the ground

work with whole, not parts
mirror health
work with body and mind
     eyes fixed to the horizon

experience the radiance
     rose petal hibiscus
     red clover burdock
     dandelion root

switch sides
pause up
     love as much as we do

My prompt: find one of your favorite food items that comes in a box, package, or wrapper -- use the text from it to create a poem. Here's a photo of what I'm using for my poem today.


  1. Day 2 NPWM 2013

    Creative Combinations

    Sweet, creamy delights
    Nature born; always gives

    Yogurt goes "easy does it", inside.
    curing, healthful

    Living food giving life
    Happy skin soothed,
    refined, cleansed.

    Relaxing the always turning mind.

    Bees, our sweet friends, hard working
    Sweet rewards for us.
    Give it to a wound, give it to a cold
    Beauty inside and out

    The land of milk and honey is ours

    mix honey with yogurt give nature
    to yourself
    give it to others
    happily have radiant health
    The hive
    The goats
    So good.

    1. This was intended to be the poem for yesterday April 2nd. Enjoy

    2. I adore this one, Francine. I really like how you've used the words like "the always turning mind" which is a super fantastic connection to "churning" which happens for both yogurt and the mind. Yippie for this beautiful combination of words and images.

      Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to more.


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