Monday, April 8, 2013

NaPoWriMo Poem 8

bento box

choose any two

rock & roll
curry avocado
alaskan yam
mixed ribs

choose any two

soy beans
seaweed pot sticker
diced egg rolls
poke sauce

choose two

deep fried salad
soda juice
hot & spicy beer

choose two

imported cheese ice cream
chocolate cheese
green cheese with tea

Prompt: create a poem using a menu of your choice

1 comment:

  1. Dan's Place

    Victory Highway in RI
    Call in
    Sit in
    Take out

    Dine in. Dine out.
    Alfresco Dirt Bike tract
    Try some Alfredo Alfresco

    Dan's Place
    Started small, now POPULAR!!
    They cater to palates around the world.

    RHODE ISLAND style calamari
    THAI Chicken
    MEXICAN Taco Pizza
    BUFFOLO wings
    GREEK pizza
    PHILLY cheese stakes

    Dan's Place
    Little Rhode Island

    Try some:
    CANADIAN Poutine
    SHAMROCK Pizza
    NEW ENGLAND “Chowda”
    ITALIAN Grinder....“Ehhh, forgeda boud it”

    SWISS (army knife) burger
    BOURBAN BURGER? “You wont walk straight
    after your first one”

    Big bikers, dude
    Add guacamole

    Dan's Place


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