Saturday, April 6, 2013

NaPoWriMo Poem 6

masculinity & hero making

a whirling force
has been feeding him
the unusual tests

manhood locked in
the antiquated epic

a mad scientist

laughter is the first sign
of infection

maniacal rantings
are a cautionary tale
passed down
for generations

the legacy of his family
blends saga & lore

a radioactive relic
he learns to accept his fate

Prompt: Pick up one of the books you are currently reading. Flip it over to the back of the book and write a poem using the blurbs and info on the back cover. I'm using the back of League of Somebodies by Samuel Sattin.


  1. Metaphoria

    Comprehensive, giving ideas
    Contributors' vague art
    Precise instructions
    Vague art

    Art recommended
    Thorough offering of intervention
    Possibilities directed by
    Knowing you

    Keeping man's individual
    Fine tune. Mechanistic application
    Not to happen.
    Theory, practice, metaphor canvasses
    Keeping individual

    Very Powerful guide
    For students in communication
    Friendly manner in various
    Powerful guide

    Tell own history, remind us
    He made them over into
    His own
    Erickson has evolved
    Remind us

    Recommended guidebook that answers
    The question "why do I become great?"
    What do I need?
    building blocks? Fill our sets!
    Recommended guidebook


    1. I love the repetition of "psychotherapy"!!! It gives the poem an mystic that I think adds a layer of interest. And the "remind us" call to action phrase -- so beautifully interspersed. Thanks for sharing.


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