NaPoWriMo 2013

April is National Poetry Writing Month!!!

Join me as I write a poem each day this month. I'm posting prompts on my facebook page if you need some inspiration.

If you need support for this month long poetry immersion, check out this online class I'm offering: Conquering the Blank Page Using Poetry. It's chocked full of great audio/video instruction, exercises, poems, an interview, and individualized feedback. Come on over to the Giving Hands Creative Community and join us!! It starts APRIL 1st.

There are lots of other sites dedicated to this 30-day poetic journey. Check out these:

MY DAILY POEMS will be posted to this blog. I'll be writing 30 FOUND POEMS. Here are links to easily access them:

Day 1: no postage necessary
Day 2: creative combinations
Day 3: useless us
Day 4: untitled
Day 5: artistic license
Day 6: masculinity & hero making
Day 7: 21 Degrees
Day 8: bento box
Day 9: consumerism
Day 10: Erotic Bake Sale One Liners

Day 1: grab a piece of junk mail and write a found poem using all (or as many as you can) of the words in it/on it!!!!

Day 2: find one of your favorite food items that comes in a box, package, or wrapper -- use the text from it to create a poem. Here's a photo of what I'm using for my poem today.

Day 3: Visit the Facebook privacy policy page and write a poem using the language presented there. For an added challenge, give yourself a set of parameters. For example, black out every 5th word or only use every 7th word.

Here's the link to the privacy page I'm going to use for the poem today. Poem to follow.

Day 4: Go to your bookshelf. Record the information on the spines of each book in one section of your shelf. Use those words to write a poem. Here's a photo of the section I'm using (of course they are poetry books!!)

Day 5: grab your favorite magazine. Make a poem using words and phrases from the editor's letter. I'm using the most recent letter from Supriya Bhatnagar -- editor of The Writer's Chronicle!!! Poem to follow.

Day 6: Pick up one of the books you are currently reading. Flip it over to the back of the book and write a poem using the blurbs and info on the back cover. I'm using the back of League of Somebodies by Samuel Sattin.

Day 7: find your horoscope for today and write a poem using the language/text from it. I'm using the one for Capricorn over at

Day 8: create a poem using a menu of your choice

Day 9: Look on the back of a receipt and read the return policy. Use the language from there to write a poem. 

Day 10: Use a recipe.